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Culture And Art Services



Student Communities Unit

The aim is to enable student communities within Ege University Health Culture and Sports Department (SKSDB) to make better use of their free time, meet and create new friends environments, and organize social, cultural, artistic and sporting activities and to participate in these activities.

 The Student Communities Unit provides the necessary coordination for the establishment, planning and carrying out of the student communities which operate under the Department.  For the work of the communities, it provides and inspects the appropriate facilities such as a hall, meeting the needs and purchasing of the materials.

 Community chambers have been established in a section of the EÜ Sports Hall in order to bring Student Communities together and to provide suitable working conditions for organizing their activities.  In Ege University, there are 73 student groups that are active in our department.

 The Organization Unit performs the planning and organization of the activities organized by our Department in cooperation with various units and conducts the promotions of these activities.



Burhan DUMAN                                             0 232 311 36 27

Kadir CANKANAT                                          0 232 311 36 27    

Sİbel ÖLKEN                                                 0 232 311 36 27 


 Presentation Unit

 It conducts the necessary studies to introduce our university to the candidate students in the best way.  It provides the planning of the promotional trips conducted during the year, ensures that the University Promotion Days and Preference Days activities are carried out and carries out the correspondence required for these activities.


Mail : tanitimege@gmail.com

R.Meriç BATTAL                                            0 232 311 12 72                              

Eda ÇAYIR                                                    0 232 311 12 72                

Dilek ORAN                                                   0 232 311 12 72             

Halil TUNCER                                               0 232 311 12 72


 Appointment High School Introductions

 In line with the requests from the schools in İzmir and abroad for the purpose of getting to know our University, daily promotions are made on suitable dates during the year.  For these dates, the school administrator should contact the Art and Culture Services.  Appointments and correspondence are made for a suitable date.


Promotion Days and Preference Days

In order to introduce the University, faculties and schools, social facilities, sport facilities, accommodation and nutrition needs of our students and the campus environment of the University to senior students of  high schools in the Aegean Region, promotion days in April and preference days in July are organized every year. Information and forms for participation are sent to all high schools in our city before the event.  Announcements can be followed on our website.


Scholarships Office

The Department of Culture and Sports Services provides scholarships/loans and food scholarships provided by various institutions, foundations, associations and companies to successful students who need economic support in order to continue their studies.

Mail : sosyalhizmetler@mail.ege.edu.tr

Elif Nur SEVEN                 0 232 311 36 38 



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