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Directorate of Personnel and Administrative Affairs



Its staff is in the Department of Health, Culture and Sports. All kinds of personnel procedures of the personnel working in the Presidency or in other academic and administrative units (civil servants, temporary and permanent staff workers, 4/c contracted personnel and 4/d permanent workers) are carried out in coordination with the Personnel Department within the framework of the provisions of the relevant legislation.

Presidency's Activity Report, Strategic Plan, Organization Chart etc. other reports are prepared in accordance with the determined objectives, targets and principles in coordination with the relevant directorates.


Internal and external official correspondence of the Presidency is prepared. In addition, the answers to all kinds of litigation correspondence regarding the Presidency personnel coming from the Legal Counsel are prepared in coordination with the relevant unit manager.


CIMER Transactions are carried out with the Unit Document Responsibility of the Presidency.


Veysel ŞAHAN                          Branch Manager                      311 1265


Personnel and Administrative Affairs Unit

Evrim Gülbahar BOZYİĞİT                                                3113615

İsmail ÜĞE                                                                         3113615

Financial Affairs Unit

Bahar BAŞBAKAN ÇÖRDÜK                                             3111816

Legal Correspondences Unit

Özgür AĞDAŞ                                                                     3113691

Mehmet Emin BOZKIR                                                        3113619

Document Registration Unit

Naim ŞENER                                                                       3111264

Emirhan SAĞIROĞLU                                                         3111264


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