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                   Organization Unit

  •        Graphic Design
  •        Video Editing
  •         Website Management


Organization Unit


It is the unit responsible for providing the material and labor support needed in the organizations carried out within the body of our University and our Department, providing inter-unit communication and monitoring the coordination throughout the event.



Mine GÜN                        0232 311 24 80

Veysel Suat YAPICI         0232 311 24 80


Graphic Design Office

It is the office responsible for designing visual materials and making them ready for printing in order to promote the announcements and activities of our Department.


İpek TEKİN          Graphic Design Specialist              0 232 311 20 19 


Video Editing Office

It is the office responsible for taking video recordings of the activities of our Department, archiving them and distributing them to Ege University TV and other media organs by editing them.


Umut YILMAZ       Video Editing Specialist                0232 311 24 80



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