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Information Processing Unit



This unit is in charge of maintaining the computers, computer equipment and printers connected to the computers in all units affiliated to our unit, department and ensuring their smooth operation; performing upgrades or renewals; supply of consumables; ensuring the smooth operation of the existing internet infrastructure and wireless access points and carrying out the necessary improvement works; ensuring uninterrupted operation by installing automation programs in the computers of the users of our department; providing training to users about the programs; managing the databases of these programs and monitoring their backups and providing support for office programs upon request of users.



Automation programs used in the units of our Department:

1.       Social Facilities Branch Directorate:

·         Accommodation, stock, restaurant program

           Accounting program


2. Dietary Services Branch Administration:

·         Student cafeteria sales and follow-up program

·         Staff cafeteria sales and follow-up program

·         Çesme Facility accommodation, stock, restaurant program

        ·        Stock tracking program used in Özdere Facility


3.Establishment and Purchase Branch Administration:

                  Stock tracking program


4. The Student Village:

                  Accommodation, accounting and technical affairs tracking program


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