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Prof.Dr.Yusuf Vardar -MÖTBE- Cultural Center

The center, which is a part of the cultural identity of Ege University, aims to create a dynamic campus environment intertwined with culture and art for all Aegean citizens and especially university students by bringing art to the campus. Our center has a large hall with a capacity of 728 people, a seminar hall for 40 people and an art gallery where exhibitions are held regularly.



MÖTBE, which is the first building of our campus, was put into service on 10 September 1968. It is the first building on the campus, which is organized as a classroom and laboratory for the students of the Faculty of Dentistry, Science, Medicine and Agriculture, and ensures that the chairs that will provide the service are together.


As a first thought, in 1962, it was proposed to establish an "Institute of Preparatory Sciences" in the Board of Professors of the Faculty of Science. Prof. Dr. Emin Dikman, Prof.Dr. Yusuf Vardar, Prof.Dr. Dilşad Elbrus, Prof.Dr. Remzi Geldiay, Assoc. Semahat Geldiay, Assoc. The commission consisting of Ismet Ertaş made its preparations and on May 5, 1967, the Faculty of Science Professors Board decided to name it "PRE-VOCATIONAL BASIC SCIENCES INSTITUTE: MÖTBE". In the 1968-1969 academic year, Physics, Chemistry and Biology education services were started to be provided to 800 students of the four faculties, before they started vocational training in MÖTBE. Then, with the added classrooms, 1000 students were taught at the same time.



The first director of MÖTBE, Prof.Dr. Emin Dikman. Later, Prof.Dr. Yusuf Vardar, Prof.Dr. Remzi Geldiay, Prof.Dr. Semahat Geldiay, Prof.Dr. Bilkan Cireli, Prof.Dr. İsmet Ertaş, Assoc. Sezai Hazer served as director.

With the enactment of the Law No. 2547 on May 12, 1982, the amphitheater, lesson preparation rooms, inner and outer garden of the building, which lost its function of being suitable for the purpose of its establishment but continued to be used, was transformed into a cultural center after a very important structuring. The name of the building, which was reopened as the campus Cultural Center on March 3, 2003, is named after one of our previous rectors, Prof.Dr. After Yusuf Vardar's death, with the decision of the Ege University Senate, dated March 31, 2009, and numbered 8/2 was renamed as , Prof.Dr.Yusuf Vardar MÖTBE Cultural Center.


Prof.Dr.Yusuf Vardar MÖTBE Cultural Center. Facility Manager: Arda PEKSEV


Tel: 0 232 311 2019 - 3996





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